Excellent tips to Stay Fit and Healthy for an Enjoyable Love Life

Love life between a man and woman is an important part of survival. Right from the Adam and Eve days, this aspect has played a crucial role for a man and woman to maintain good relationship with each other. When quality love life exists between a man and a woman, there is no bound to happiness. This happiness is the basic requisite for well being and staying fit. However, thinking in depth, staying fit is what is actually required for an enjoyable love life. Here are some simple tips to stay fit and well to enjoy the love life to […]

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Supplements to Manage High Blood Pressure that are Natural

Today millions of people are suffering from high blood pressure. They are taking a number of medicines prescribed to them by their doctor and have become dependent on these medicines. But they should know that such dependence on medicines in not well and some may even cause some side effects. Therefore, it is best to look for some natural remedies and supplements to take for your high blood pressure and to reduce the severity of the side effects caused by the strong medicines for high blood pressure. Now before you start taking any natural supplement for high blood pressure, you […]

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Potential Complications of Zika Virus Disease

Zika virus belongs to the virus family of Flaviviridae. itis spread by the mosquito Aedes which is active during the day time therefore, there is a greater risk of contracting Zika virus disease during the day. The name ofZikavirus is derived from the Zika forest of Uganda. It was in this forest where the virus was first found in 1947. The disease caused by ZIka virus is mild and many people infected byit may not even have the symptoms. Common symptoms of infection from Zika virus are mild fever or rash which may appear afew days after a mosquito has […]

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Fight for Your Life – Fight Cancer

The word cancer brings the demons of fear and discouragement in a person’s mind. Cancer is a tumor that occurs due to non divisional growth of cells in the body. The root cause of cancer can be anything and everything surrounding us, the atmosphere, lifestyle and exposures to radiations. The best one can do is to remain healthy and keep a positive nature to avoid cancer. But if this malignous disease engulfs a person, then the best one can do is not to lose even a drop of hope and fight till the last. After all, the word cancer has […]

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